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Risk Management in financial service firms has changed over the last decade, mostly in response to regulations that emerged from the global financial crisis of 2009, as well as the resulting ramification of noncompliance.  

In today’s economy, running a financial institution is harder than ever. Leaders are faced with critical challenges in finding new and better ways to increase top-line revenues, maintain necessary capital ratios, improve margins, strengthen balance sheets and enhance efficiencies. Regulatory changes, compliance, economic volatility, and issues involving data security, distressed lending and troubled assets add even more concern. 

At PA, we help firms strengthen their overall core business posture by building and integrating a risk management center of excellence, one brick at a time.

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Areas of Practice

Transaction Risk MANAGEMENT Center of Excellence (TRMCE)

Our comprehensive Transaction Risk Management Center of Excellence is an online portal of constantly updated articles, checklists, tips and templates to help you implement industry best practices. It’s specifically designed to deliver critical information about the risks your organization can face— to help you develop a comprehensive risk management roadmap for your team. 

Prevent Enterprise (PE)

The causes and ramification of failed transactions can vary widely. Prevent Enterprise, removes the unknowns associated with the cause of a transaction failure and the ramification of a failed transaction. PE, distributes real-time insights to key stakeholders, so that action is taken in the immediate. The downstream impacts are` too detrimental to wait longer than necessary. 

System INtegration (SI)

Our system integration practice provides a cross functional team of technologist to ensure a sustainable multi system architecture. When integrating systems there are so many potential pitfalls you must think of and account for. We operate in a space where data comes fast and is required to be disseminated even faster. The right team is essential to think through the nuances of an integrated system. 


We must all obey the great law of change. It is the most powerful law of nature.
— Edmund Burke


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